The Value of Video Creation For Your Business

Vanessa, why should I do videos for my business? Do I have to be on camera?

Videos have become one of the most popular ways to consume content online. With platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok taking over the internet, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to videos to share their thoughts, ideas, and stories.

But why should you consider doing videos for your business?

The short answer is that video marketing is vast, and you need to integrate videos into your business to gain more clients and sales. Also, your ability to engage with people and put a face to your business is a big deal in terms of people liking, knowing, and trusting you.

Making videos may be intimidating for some, especially if they’ve never done it. Like anything in business, it takes practice to hone your video creation skills.

I am just beginning my videography journey, so I completely understand the fear and intimidation. But I’m not letting it stop me from going full steam ahead.

Everyone feels self-conscious and awkward when getting in front of a camera for the first time and speaking about topics they may or may not know much about, but you must start somewhere.

But Vanessa, what if I am too terrified to show my face on camera?

I would still try. You don’t have to publish them at first. I think it’s crucial to at least give it the ole college try. If, after a good go, it still gives you so much anxiety that you can’t manage without medication (just kidding, although maybe a shot of Tequila may help), then that’s okay.

You can still benefit from video creation and engagement in other ways.

There are many ways to make videos without showing your face.

  • You can create an informative video by utilizing screen capture software and a voiceover to explain what you’re doing on screen.
  • You can make animated videos using tools like Powtoon or Animaker. These tools can be used to create explainer videos or even tell stories.
  • You can record your voice and use stock footage or images to make a video.
  • You could even interview experts in your field without ever being on camera.

Being in front of the camera can provide a more personal touch and help your viewers get to know you and your brand, but don’t do it if it causes you more grief than good. It’s only my opinion.

Many marketers worldwide have been highly successful with video marketing and never show their faces.

The most crucial aspect of creating any video for your business is having confidence in your content, whether on camera or off. Building confidence takes lots and lots of practice.

Here are four compelling reasons how creating video content can impact your business:

1. Videos are engaging

One of the main reasons why videos are so popular is because they are incredibly engaging. Unlike text-based content, videos allow you to showcase your personality, tone, and facial expressions, which can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Videos can also be more visually appealing than text-based content, making it easier for people to remember what you have to say.

2. Videos can help you build your brand

Videos can be a great way to build your brand online. By creating videos showcasing your expertise, personality, and interests, you can attract a following of people interested in what you have to say. This can lead to more opportunities, such as speaking engagements, partnerships, and collaborations.

3. Videos can improve your communication skills

Creating videos can also help you improve your communication skills. When recording a video, you must think about what you want to say, how you want to say it, and how you want to present yourself. This can help you become a better public speaker, communicator, and storyteller.

4. Videos can be repurposed

Another great thing about videos is that they can be repurposed for other platforms. For example, you can take a video you created for YouTube and share it on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook. This can help you reach a wider audience and get more exposure to your content.

Vanessa, what do I say, or how do I start? I’m so nervous

Here is the proven video structure to help you get started. As long as you follow this guideline, your videos will get views.

  • The Hook—This is the first few seconds of your video that should capture your audience’s attention (Exp: “You’ll never guess what I just found out…”)
  • The Buildup—This short statement makes the viewer believe that if they stick around, you will give them something worthwhile (Exp: This free book got me started down the right path, and I think it can help you too”)
  • The Delivery—This is the part of the video where you deliver what was promised at the start.
  • The Call To Action—When you are ready to end your video, provide a call to action (CTA) that tells viewers where to get more information.

Now, here is my first video…I hope you like it!

YouTube player

If you haven’t started creating videos for your business, now is the time to start!

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19 thoughts on “The Value of Video Creation For Your Business”
  1. Hi Vanessa! Great stuff! I am also working on videos to start posting as well. But my issue is just time at the moment. But I am definately not afraid to get on video as I worked for many years as a professional actor/stuntman and musician, so being on film is what I did for a living! Well great info you gave on the reasons for making a video for your business, and the proper way to do it. Bravo! Keep up the good work.

    1. Nice post Vanessa. I really like the reading as I’m actually in the process of taming this strategy of traffic generation. Now I’m starting with TikTok. YouTube is on my radar also.
      Actually I’m not really good but one one day I’ll become a star! 🤩
      Have a nice day,

  2. Vanessa,
    Great post about video creation and why to do it. Thanks for sharing the structure of video content as I will certainly keep those in mind. I am just starting my video content and will be using this information. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Vanessa, adding video to a businesses’ marketing and information in today’s world is critical. The stats say that 80% of all online content is consumed through video. In order to tap into that market a business MUST be putting out video content on the major platforms. As you pointed out it can be a taunting task to begin with. However, the points you layout in your post give compelling reasons to do it and how to do it.
    Thanks for the great insight into posting videos.

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for sharing the world of video marketing and providing tips for considering videos for social media marketing strategy as you’ve said it is one of the most popular ways to consume content.

    Your encouragement to embrace video content creation even for those feeling intimidated, is inspiring and practical.

    I have put off doing videos for years and that stopped me from following through on other projects so I finally jumped feet first not wanting to think too much about it, not doing much planning as wanting to get used to it.
    I’ve done just a few but notice that am much more willing and happy that I have pushed through doing something that I did not think was possible. I am following the concept of ‘imperfect action’ and It seems to be working.

    I look forward to learning more about your journey with video

  5. The four reasons to include videos in your online business really are compelling. I have been holding off, but it is time. I just need to make a decision on what platform to use. What video platform are you choosing to be your main resource and what why choose that one? I’m getting a lot of data and I respect your opinion.

  6. Hi, Vanessa!
    This is a very encouraging post. I like how you gave us an out if we feel too uncomfortable doing videos and suggested we try making a video without necessarily publishing it. It makes me feel like it’s okay to practice for a while before I put myself out there.

    I also love how you emboldened the main idea of each of your paragraphs. It held my focus and made your blog so easy to read. I’m going to consider how to do something similar to mine!

    Best of luck with your first video! I look forward to watching it!

    1. Thank you so much Nakina… I love the positive feedback and that my post could maybe help someone who is struggling with video creation. Since I wrote the post, I have put my first video in if you are interested in viewing it. Thank you again!

  7. Fantastic post and the number one thing that stood out to me was the advice to go ahead and put yourself in the video, as you don’t have to publish the video! I think that is so powerful, it really helps people get use to seeing themselves on screen and get comfortable posting themselves online. Thanks

  8. Vanessa, again I love the look of your blog, it looks so good. So creating videos been doing that and it is a really fun thing to do. At the beginning it’s very nerve racking and you’re worried about what people think. However, after awhile, you just get on with it. My biggest learning with videos is don’t talk in a way where you’re trying to sell something. Don’t be corporate or businesslike. Tell a story have a point make people laugh and needs to be something that entertain them. People love giving their opinions so ask them a question. I’ve managed to get quite good growth on TikTok this week, so it kind of ties in with your blog. You could do a video on how you created your blog to look like that and how you did your graphics and set it all out. I think that would be a really popular video maybe do it as a mini series. Thanks, Atif

    1. Wow, Atif… you don’t know how sweet it is to hear someone say how much they like my blog. I so appreciate the compliments. I like your idea about doing a video about how I set up the blog. That’s a great idea. I did go back and put the video in the post if you want to take a look. Again, thank you so much…

  9. Wow Vanessa Lea ,what a well written and informative blog! I have learnt a lot from reading this as I have never made a video for social media yet. A lovely well set out page with cute illustrations. Love the colours you chose for your theme. I like the way you incorporated a few questions that people could ask in between some paragraphs. It’s true that you need to catch the attention of people who are scrolling quickly and have a hook to stop them long enough to watch and listen to your message. I am looking forward to seeing your very first video. Well done.
    Cheers Regina

    1. Thank you so much Regina… Wow, I really appreciate the praise. I did go ahead and put the video in the blog post if you’d like to take a peek. It was nerve-wracking but I did it…I feel like all of us are on this journey together and it is so nice to have the support of everyone. Thank you again…

  10. Hi Vanessa,

    I can’t wait to see your first social media post! I’m sure it will be great.. I have just started doing my research on all the different platforms, so I’m not there yet. I’m just a little behind everyone else with getting behind at Christmas, so it’s nice to be able to see what everyone else is doing before I get there. Nice layout of your explanation of what to do when posting on social media. You gave a lot of good information. Thank you! Good luck, and I look forward to your next post. Weather it be here or on social media…

  11. That’s a good suggestion to just make videos to start to get comfortable, but you don’t have to post them. It’s a good practice just to practice making videos.

    Also good to know that many people are successful without ever showing their face – or even using their own voice.

  12. Great post so informative. As I am creating content, I realize that practice is essential, I often forget to add a hook, and I have yet to master the buildup. I really like how you broke down the steps! Great post!

  13. Hi Vanessa,
    Great blog.. My video’s are not the greatest, but i feel I can only go up from here. Thanks for the great tips. Can’t wait to hear more next week.

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