The Man And The Book That Changed My Life

Vanessa, How Did You Know That Dean Holland Was The Real Deal?

I completely understand how overwhelming it can be to start an online business, especially when you need help figuring out where to begin.

I get how frustrating it can be to invest in various tools and resources, hoping they will lead to financial success, only to discover that they don’t quite work out as planned. Putting your trust and resources into something that doesn’t deliver the desired results can be disheartening and defeating.

I want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling this way, and I’m here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to overcome these challenges.

Unfortunately, many programs, training courses, and software products that claim to teach the methods of making money online only cover a small part of the overall process. To fully comprehend the bigger picture, one needs to understand a more comprehensive process, and I’m here to help you do just that.

In August 2023, I experienced a day of utter defeat that made me question the value of all my past efforts. As I reflected on the countless purchases and wasted time spent striving for success, I felt overwhelmed with disgust due to the sheer amount of spam I had accumulated over the years.

Then, one day, while scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled upon something that immediately caught my attention. I saw an ad from Dean Holland, and although I had never heard of him, something intriguing about him made me want to learn more.

At first, I was drawn to his charming English accent and listened intently to every word he spoke. His voice conveyed honesty and transparency, which is rare among online marketers. I was intrigued by his message, so I signed up for his free training and received his book, “The Iceberg Effect,” for only the cost of shipping.

After that moment, my life changed dramatically, and I felt an overwhelming sense of clarity. I had finally found my path to success.

So, Who is This “Dean Holland”

Dean Holland has become a highly regarded internet marketer, entrepreneur, and business coach who has helped numerous individuals establish and expand successful online businesses since 2010. His work clearly shows his strong passion for helping others achieve their goals.

Dean is known for his practical and honest approach to online marketing and entrepreneurship, which has earned him admiration from many. He has a track record of going above and beyond in his coaching and mentoring to help his students succeed.

He is a respected figure in the online business world due to his commitment to clients and unwavering dedication to providing high-quality support and guidance.

If you’re just starting or want to take your business to the next level, Dean Holland is the person you can rely on to assist you in achieving your goals and unlocking your full potential.

The Iceberg Effect

In 2022, Dean authored “The Iceberg Effect,” detailing his journey to long-term success navigating internet marketing. This informative book is split into two parts, each essential for success.

The book’s first part is a goldmine of practical advice. It covers all the cool stuff Dean has used in his business, such as marketing strategies, sales techniques, and productivity hacks. This section is a step-by-step guide to creating a killer marketing strategy customized for your business and target audience. There is no complicated jargon, just practical tips.

In the book’s second part, Dean explains the importance of both visible and invisible aspects of success, such as mindset, beliefs, and habits. These factors are crucial in determining success or failure in any business. Dean stresses the significance of focusing on visible and invisible factors to achieve long-term success.

He encourages readers to develop a growth mindset, which can help them think innovatively and overcome limiting beliefs that can hinder progress. By cultivating positive habits, readers can attain their goals and reach their full potential. Dean’s insights remind us that success is not just about what we see but also what we believe and how we take action.

Dean’s honesty and transparency distinguish him and his book, “The Iceberg Effect,” from other online marketers. Not only does he share his failures and challenges, but he also provides actionable advice that can be implemented in your own business. This makes the book a relatable journey of an entrepreneur rather than just another business guide.

The Iceberg Effect is a valuable marketing tool that provides authentic insights for success at all levels.

The book provides universal strategies that can be applied to businesses of any size or industry. It is an excellent guide to take your business to the next level.

I am not joking when I say this book and Dean Holland have profoundly impacted my life.

I had reached a point where I had to make a decision. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Dean’s advertisement on Facebook.

Strangely, I haven’t seen any more of his ads since the unique opportunity presented itself.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t wait as long as I did to get your hands on this book and the opportunity to work with Dean Holland. Investing in the cost of shipping for this book will place you in better financial circumstances for the future. You won’t regret it.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of the Iceberg Effect.

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14 thoughts on “The Man And The Book That Changed My Life”
  1. Vanessa, I’m so glad to read this breakdown of your experience working with Dean! I am familiar with his work and like you, I think he is an excellent coach and mentor for anyone wanting to start affiliate marketing or an online business. What a well thought out blog and I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Vanessa, I think your post about Dean and “The Iceberg Effect” is spot on. This one book changed my entire approach to not only how I looked at affiliate marketing, but how I viewed the industry as a whole. Finally, there was a person that gave an honest outlook and real expectations on how affiliate marketing worked! I have never found a program with a Mentor and Coaches that truly go out of their way to help you succeed in every way they can.

  3. Hi Vanessa!
    This post was a great read and very informative about our mentor, Dean Holland. I enjoyed “The Iceberg Effect” as my first step into affiliate marketing. The audio version made me smile on my way to teaching each day knowing that I was starting on a wonderful next chapter with an online business!
    Your caring nature and willingness to help others also show in your writing! I look forward to your future posts!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    Great post and so true! I can attest to the impact this book has had on my life as well! Dean is the real deal and goes above and beyond in his book and any other service anyone gets from him! I really enjoyed how you’ve presented this through the impact on your life and I encourage anyone reading this post to not wait, take the next step, get the book and free training!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! Wishing you continued success Vanessa!

  5. I was also lucky to find Dean! However, I ordered the book and sat on it for a few months before I took it on a plane for extra reading material. When I landed, I could not wait to take the next step. I hope anyone that reads your blog learns from my error and contacts you immediately for a copy, reads it and takes action.! I dare say that they will not be disappointed!

  6. Hi Vanessa,
    Our stories run both sides of the same stream it seems. Being able to meet up with Dean a few years ago was the 2nd best thing since I started my quest with Affiliate Marketing. (The first being: doing something about it!).
    Like you, I’ve been “sold” on the idea that making an extra revenue stream could change my life for the better. Wishing and sending you a great bunch of Canadian positive vibes!

  7. Vanessa,
    Great post about Dean as I can agree his training and support are the best I have received. I also would recommend The Iceberg Effect as it a great book to add to your arsenal if you are considering Affiliate Marketing.

  8. Hi Vanessa,
    Great post about Dean! He really is a great guy. I’m so glad I found him when I did. There are so many guru out there that it’s hard to believe who is telling you the truth and who isn’t. Dean is the real deal! We’re lucky to have him. Thanks Vanessa!

  9. Vanessa, It is amazing how one book can change a life. For me I don’t care to read much but I make myself do it anyway. The reason for this there is power in the written work that has the ability to transform a life into something spectacular.
    I am glad you found life changing wisdom in the iceberg effect. Harness that information and us it to change your future and family tree.
    You can make this happen, I believe in you.

  10. Vanessa, It is amazing how one book can change a life. For me I don’t care to read much but I make myself do it anyway. The reason for this there is power in the written work that has the ability to transform a life into something spectacular.
    I am glad you found life changing wisdom in the iceberg effect. Harness that information and us it to change your future and family tree.
    You can make this happen, I believe in you.

  11. Hi, Vanessa!
    I read this book, and it changed my life as well.
    I came across the affiliate business model explained in a simple, actionable way, and I am going for it.
    I also highly recommend it to your readers!

  12. Vanessa, Your journey to starting an online business is truly inspiring, and your willingness to share your experiences is admirable. It’s understandable how overwhelming it can feel at times, but your determination to overcome challenges shines through your words. The way you’ve embraced learning from setbacks and found inspiration in unexpected places is commendable. Dean Holland’s mentorship and his book, “The Iceberg Effect,” seem to have had a profound impact on your journey, as it did on me and it’s inspiring to see how he helped you find clarity and direction. Your commitment to sharing valuable insights and resources with your readers, such as Dean’s book and free training courses, shows your genuine desire to support others on their entrepreneurial path. Keep staying curious, inspired, and true to yourself – you’re making a difference in the lives of those who follow your journey. Thanks, Atif

  13. Agreed, Dean Holland is the real deal! I am grateful for all the help he and his team provides. The Affiliate System reminds me of a bear to wrestle to the ground! I can tell Dean and Sophie have problems getting it to work properly. But mostly it works well.
    In all things business, I find it important to look at the big picture and not get caught up in the nitty gritty.

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