I Have Figured It Out!


I am excited to have you follow me along on my journey.

If you haven’t read My Story, I urge you to go there first for insight into what I am all about.

I have struggled for many years to find a way to become financially free and finally live the life I want- on my terms.

I have never given up. However, I have struggled with the “how” and “what” exactly. This has truly taken me to this point in my journey, where I have finally figured it out.


What is the difference between my years of struggling and having confidence that success will happen? It’s all about receiving the right information at the right time.

I struggle greatly with the integrity of entrepreneurs who say they want to “help other people succeed. ” There is nothing wrong with saying it as long as it is not a ploy to gain people’s trust and money.

I would purchase a program or product from a “marketer” or guru promising riches and fulfillment. I would work my butt off and follow the training and do everything just as instructed. Still, when I would reach out for help or clarification, I was virtually ignored or provided a generic solution that wouldn’t make sense. It became a vicious cycle again and again.

Yet, I couldn’t stop searching. I knew it was out there…somewhere.

One day, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across an ad from Dean Holland. I had never heard of this fellow before, but I clicked on the ad because it spoke to me somehow, and I was compelled to hear what he had to say.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dean was from the U.K. and had a delightful English accent. He was very charming yet so down-to-earth and casual.  He spoke from the heart and his own experiences from humble beginnings, and I was intrigued by how many of his experiences were parallel to mine.

I felt he was speaking to me specifically because his backstory was similar to mine, and I instantly felt a bond. However, I wanted to learn more about him, so I opted into his subscription for more info and purchased his book.

It wasn’t long before I knew I had stumbled upon a true and humble man who talked the talk and walked the walk. He is a breath of fresh air, and I knew I would hitch my wagon to his convoy for the long haul. It’s been several months of intense and specialized training, and I am still going strong. 

I have learned invaluable lessons from Dean that I have never encountered from anyone in the years leading up to this time. He always leaves me wanting to learn more from him (and I love the accent).

In my next blog post, I’ll explain affiliate marketing and why this business model is so attractive for my lifestyle. Some of you may know what it is, but I will assume that most do not.

As stated in My Story, I am here to document my journey and maybe provide some invaluable information about a topic that may interest you. 

I am not here to sell you what I am doing, brag about the mansion I will buy, or the next sports car in my garage. I am here ONLY to document my process and progress so that all the naysayers in my life will finally understand me and know that what I’m doing isn’t a pipe dream.

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As always, Stay Curious, Stay Inspired. And, Stay True!

Until next time…

Vanessa Lea Online

8 thoughts on “I Have Figured It Out!”
  1. Hi Vanessa!
    Congratulations on your first post! I believe that you have found a caring, honest mentor with Dean Holland. His support structure for learning affiliate marketing is commendable!
    I look forward to reading more about your journey!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  2. Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for sharing your post!
    I’ve also experienced a variety of different online business models that didn’t have the support I needed.
    I appreciate your “why” I read on your about page, animals are awesome!
    It’s funny that I can watch action and horror movies with people being hurt and killed, but I can’t watch when an animal is. It upsets me and I have to fast forward. It’s heartbreaking what some heartless folks do to animals.
    All the best as you move forward!

    1. Hi Denny,
      It’s funny that you say that about watching movies where animals are killed or hurt. Whenever I hear about a movie or even a real-life situation where animals are involved, the first thing I ask about is if the animal is okay, or no not the animal… I think it’s because animals are so vulnerable and look to humans for love and protection. They can’t tell us their fears or how they feel. They are just innocent living beings who need our help to survive and unfortunately, the people meant to protect them are causing harm to them. Breaks my heart.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I so appreciate your comment.

  3. Vaness,
    I sure can relate to the “gurus” shouting “do this and you can be rich” and then offer no guidance or support. When you find something that speaks to you and works for you then you have found gold. I belive you have found that gold in Dean Holland. Dean is certainly a down to earth, genuine guy who wants to help others. Good luck in your journey as I am looking forward to following your journey.

  4. Hi Vanessa,

    I can relate to what you said about vicious cycle. I have been through similar experiences.

    There are many great “information products” out there but when it comes to support and coaching, I can’t say the same.

    For example, some programs, especially the high ticket ones, will give you one year of support and coaching. After that, you are kind of on your own.

    It’s not that the information is bad, it is just that one year of support may not be enough for some people.

    Or like what you said, sometimes, even if you reach out for support within the one year period, you get generic answers or you’re just being ignored.

    And then there are expensive programs that only give you 4 to 6 weeks of support. After that, if you want more coaching, you have to pay like $3000 per month, which not many beginners can afford.

    Internet Profits is one of the rare few companies that provide lifetime coaching and support for a very good price. So you have definitely made a great decision.

    1. Hi Alan, Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post. Yes, I do agree with that there are some very good products out there but it’s the whole package that lacks consistency. Internet Profits became it for me when I realized that Dean was in this for the long haul. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have found him and for the truly wonderful human being that he is. He is what makes the difference for me in feeling like he really does care and is there for all of us. I’ve never felt supported like this before. So happy you found him too. Life is good!

  5. Hey Vanessa, Congratulations on a great first post! I can relate so much to your post having had many of the same experiences. I believe you do have it figured out! You have landed in the right place with Dean. It was only when I came across him that I felt exactly the same.
    I jumped over and had a read of your About Page. You’re why is well-defined, you know what you want, why you want it and what you want to achieve in your life. All of that coupled with your excitement and determination leaves me in no doubt you will successfully achieve what you want!
    I look forward to visiting again and watching your progress 😀

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