I Am New to All This … Where Do I Begin?

Vanessa, where do I even begin when starting a business as an affiliate marketer?

As you can imagine, there are many affiliate marketers worldwide: some who know what they are doing and others who only appear to be successful online.

I have gotten quite good at picking out marketers who create a persona of a “fake it until you make it” mentality. These are people you see on social media representing themselves behind brand-new sports cars, mansions, lavish vacation spots, etc. Many go to great lengths to falsely promote a lifestyle they do not live. It is a made-up fantasy world aimed to lure you into an expensive program that teaches you to encourage the same unethical tactics to others.

Starting an affiliate business (or any business, for that matter) requires being educated on how to create and grow your business. Education in any form is going to cost money. You can only expect to launch a business by learning from an expert who has your best interest at heart and wants to see you succeed, too. But how do you know if someone is the real deal? How do you know if someone will take the time to teach you all the ins and outs of the business, and at what cost?

When I was growing up, education was encouraged and expected. Beyond my high school years, my parents gently nudged me toward a college degree. I had little choice as my ability to thrive as an adult depended on achieving a certain level of expertise to earn a good salary.

My parents paid for my education, and I learned much about the college system’s provision for a well-rounded education. For the most part, it was well-received and completely worth it.

I quickly learned, however, that to be well-versed in a particular field, I needed to continue my path toward a college education to get the most out of my chosen career path.

I decided that continuing in that direction was not for me. Years later, I changed my trajectory towards a more practical and lucrative career. I discovered that, as with everything else in life, there is a learning curve with a cost attached, and it will be necessary to learn from the experts.

With that decision made, I focused on researching to find the right expert who could provide me with all the necessities that I could aspire to.

There is an abundance of so-called marketing mentors online, and it can be an overwhelming task to decipher between those who are genuinely in the business of helping others and those who are not. Choosing the right program and mentor is the most crucial decision that can impact the success of your affiliate marketing efforts.

1. Look for someone with experience—Look for a mentor with a good industry reputation who has succeeded with their affiliate marketing efforts. You also want to pay extra attention to their history in online marketing. Has the person been successful in previous ventures, and if not, what happened in their last business? Look for similarities from their past. They may be regurgitating old teaching styles and promotions into their current practices. Quite a few online marketers have returned after a failing venture only to repeat the same mistakes. You must do your due diligence to ensure you get the best education at the right price. 

2. Consider their teaching style—Choose a mentor who is a good communicator and can explain complicated concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Look for a mentor who promotes a “step-by-step” teaching model.


3. Look for a mentor who is up-to-date with the latest trends—The affiliate marketing industry is consistently evolving, so choose a mentor who is knowledgeable about the latest trends and strategies.

4. Make sure they offer ongoing support—Choose a mentor willing to provide continuing support and guidance as you navigate the affiliate marketing industry.

5. Do you feel a connection—Choose a mentor with whom you can resonate. Do they provide a sense of transparency? Do you think they are coming from a place of honesty and integrity? Do they give much free value above and beyond what they promised? 

Choosing the right mentor can make a big difference in your affiliate marketing success, so take the time to research and find someone who is the right fit for you.

Remember, while it’s certainly possible to make a significant amount of money in affiliate marketing, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed “get rich quick” strategy. It’s essential to approach affiliate marketing as a long-term strategy rather than a quick way to make money.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a considerable income by delivering value to your audience, establishing trust, and selecting the appropriate products to promote. It begins with choosing a mentor who can provide tailored support and training to meet your specific long-term needs.

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Until then, Stay Curious, Stay Inspired, And Stay True

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17 thoughts on “I Am New to All This … Where Do I Begin?”
  1. Hi Vanessa, I like your post.
    Very nice blog. I totally agree with you, way too many so-called gurus, and not many true mentors. Unfortunately, we have to test a few of them before we meet the right one and then fully appreciate his work.
    I have also subscribed to your newsletter.
    Until next time.

  2. Vanessa, I have found that a good mentor is defiantly not easy to locate. The guidelines you layout in your post will be helpful when looking for my next mentor. One thing I strive for is to have a mentor in every area of my life. Tony Robinson say,” if a person wants to be successful in any area of life you MUST have a mentor to guide you”. I don’t know that you have to have one but it defiantly propels one quicker toward their goals and dreams.
    Thanks for posting this information.

  3. Hi Vanessa,
    What a great blog post! I love the steps you shared and so easy to follow. Needed for newbies 🙂
    How you brought up college and getting help from a trained professional made me think there really is no better way than learning from someone who is doing it right. Just as we learn in college from a trained professional, we also learn in an apprenticeship from a trained more on hands professional. So in business, it’s so much better to learn from a mentor who has proven to be successful and we relate to. Also like how you share about the long term gain in affiliate marketing and how many false affiliate marketers are out there. I also try to remind folks about that 🙂 All the best as you progress!

  4. Hi Vanessa,
    It is so important to find a great mentor. With all the scams out there now a days it’s easy to fall into their traps. You did a great job with your explanation on what to look for in a mentor. It was very helpful and had a lot of good direction. Thank you for that!

  5. Vanessa, you and I have much in common. I too left a career, after all the schooling and all the degrees, I found out that I was seeking more out of life. I can truly appreciate your breakdown of how to start this business, and if you feel so compelled, how you choose the right mentor for you. There are many out there, and what I’ve come to learn is how much unethical practices there are out there. Thank you for a nice breakdown of how one should choose who should help them start their business or online career. Great post!

  6. Hi Vanessa, I like your site and images.

    Your tips for choosing a mentor are spot on.

    I agree that someone with experience & a teaching style who can explain complicated concepts and that you can resonate with is a must.
    Also, one that can offer ongoing support.
    I wish I had considered these attributes and services when I was starting.
    I could be picky and try to come up with other things but all I can think of is someone who keeps their word….

    All in all, you may be new but you have all the bases covered.

  7. HI Vanessa, this is all excellent advice for anyone looking to learn how to do online marketing. All points too many people miss and waste time, money and energy on all the “easy” routes. Very nicely organized post and easy to read and engaging. Well done!

  8. Vanessa, really great blog, thank you. A great summary of the importance of a mentor the method and also how to start up in this field. I really get your point at the beginning we talked about people on social media, showing flash cars and flash houses as way to start to fill up marketing. I’m not saying this lifestyle isnt possible it is but it’s the way the message is given. They’re showing you the top of the mountain and the view they’re not showing you the journey from the bottom to the top and what happens along the way, it’s that journey which people want to learn so they can work out how to do it. And if you do that holding their hand and then we are holding the hand of our coach, that’s where the values keep up the great work Atif

  9. Hey Vanessa,

    Some people rent cars and houses out to promote their business and they make it out like they own the house/cars lol.

    You are correct about starting any business, you have to get educated, which means investing in self-educating, sadly most people want to get rich quickly method!

    OMG, on FB I reckon most people are experts LOL LOL… You have to be careful who you choose as a mentor. You need to find a mentor who has walked the path and achieved, what you are aiming for. And when you do find that mentor, you both have to “get with each other” to make it work.
    For example, can you work with this mentor? Does his teaching style suit you?

    By the way, nice blog! 🙂


  10. I can’t imagine why anybody would want a new car, unless they needed one of course, a swimming pool, a yacht- so idiotic. Who does that help? Not even me. On the other hand, if that’s what people want, that’s fine. As for me, I want to help other people and I want to feel secure in my retirement. I just don’t want to worry about money. Not now or in the future!

  11. I enjoied your story as well as the graphics. i believe we all make each other stronger by seeing the different variety of blogs within our own small groups. Love your use of pictures and images throughout. You are very creative.

  12. Hi Nathan, yes… I agree. Learning how to do this is crucial, especially when learning from someone who is ethical and transparent about how to build a business with integrity and honesty. You must do your due diligence when finding someone who has done it and with the intention of truly helping those who want to be successful

  13. Hi Vanessa.
    This is a very insightful comment about the world of affiliate marketing. I agree that there is a wide variety of online mentors, and finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. Your advice on how to select a mentor is very helpful and relevant. It’s essential to look for someone with experience, an effective teaching style, up-to-date with the latest trends, and offering continuous support.
    I wish you all the best in your journey.
    Ezequiel Wells

  14. Choosing the right mentor in affiliate marketing is crucial for success, and your tips on how to identify a genuine and knowledgeable mentor are incredibly valuable. Ensuring that the mentor has experience, a clear teaching style, stays up-to-date on industry trends, offers ongoing support, and resonates with you personally are all key factors to consider. Affiliate marketing is a long-term strategy that requires dedication and trust-building with your audience. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences in navigating the world of affiliate marketing mentors. Stay curious, inspired, and true!

    1. Yes, thank you so much for the encouragement and positivity. Having a network of people all helping each other is so helpful and I appreciate all the positive feedback. Thank you so much!

  15. This is a great summary of how to get started in affiliate marketing. As well as a mentor it’s good to connect with a community, and other people who may not be experts yet (and they’re not pretending to be), but with whom you can encourage each other and learn from each other.

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